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We hope that one of these options will work for you if you need financial assistance for your reversal.

Value Added Benefits Financial offers the first online medical credit program to help you pay for those medical procedures not covered by your insurance. has interest rates as low as 14.9% A.P.R. based upon the credit history of the applicant(s). will also lower the effective interest rate by 2% for account holders who enroll in our program to electronically debit monthly payments from a checking or savings account or who authorize monthly billing to a major credit card thereby reducing the lowest rate available to 12.9% A.P.R.

Another is American General Finance with offices located throughout the US.

American Professional Practice Association 

Patient Finance for elective surgeries

Health Ready's mission is to provide its physicians and other healthcare clients with a comprehensive patient finance program supported by consistently superior service to maximize the growth and profitability of their practices. Health Ready achieves its mission by approving patients with a wide range of credit backgrounds with attractive terms to healthcare providers as well as their patients while continuously striving to provide even better service.

The HELPcard provides an easy financing option for the private-pay portion of healthcare expenses. It can be used to replace or supplement any in-house or third party billing and collections system. is a way to check interest rates on credit cards or home equity loans

Other financial options are home equity loans, personal loans, credit cards, school loans, second mortgage loans, refinancing your home. Please consider finance rates when applying for any loan.

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