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What to Pack and

What to Expect After a Tubal Reversal

All information has been obtained from women who have been through the tubal reversal surgery.

You will need a few items after the TR;

***a digital thermometer to take with you if you are traveling in case you develop a fever. (fever indicates infection)

***a pillow to place over your stomach when you sneeze or cough. This helps with the pulling of the muscles.

*** a panty liner or maxi-pad due to vaginal bleeding from the catheter.

***Chapstick (self-explanatory)

***granny panties (fancy underwear just doesn't cut it after major surgery *lol*)

***loose clothing, preferably something with elastic

Depending upon the doctor used, your incision will be between 3 and 5 inches long just below the pelvic bone. The incision will be closed with stitches, adhesive, or staples. If a laparoscopy is done, you will also have about an inch incision in the belly button

Do expect bloating and gas pains. This is caused by the air or gases injected inside you. Walking may help relieve some of this (that's what they tell you). Some women have had to take a laxative to relieve the gas pains.

You will probably be very limited in what you can do for several weeks after the surgery. Take your time and don't overdo it. Listen to the advice given by your doctor and follow through. Expect to have a post-op appt with the doctor to check your incision and discuss ttc.

If after three to six months of ttc with no success, some doctors recommend having an HSG (x-ray of the fallopian tubes) to determine if the tubes are blocked.


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